Ivabradine Intermediate (1S)-4,5-Dimethoxy-1-[(methylamino)methyl]benzocyclobutane Hydrochloride CAS:866783-13-3

Ivabradine Intermediate (1S)-4,5-Dimethoxy-1-[(methylamino)methyl]benzocyclobutane Hydrochloride CAS:866783-13-3

We have a steady supply of this product.The use of the product is: ivarabradine hydrochloride intermediate.
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(1S)-4,5-Dimethoxy-1-[(methylamino)methyl]benzocyclobutane hydrochloride

Product information

We have a steady supply of this product.The use of the product is: ivarabradine hydrochloride intermediate.Ivarabradine hydrochloride is mainly used for symptomatic treatment of chronic stable angina pectoris with normal sinus rhythm that is contraindicated or intolerant to beta blockers.


Product parameter

The English name

(1S)-4,5-Dimethoxy-1-[(methylamino)methyl]benzocyclobutane hydrochloride

CAS no.


Molecular formula


Molecular weight


Precise quality






Boiling point

338.6ºC at 760 mmHg

Flash point


Company profile

Jinan lead pharmaceutical technology co., LTD is a leading supplier of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates in China.The production base is located in ulanqab, Inner Mongolia, with 6 production workshops, covering an area of 100 mu. The safety assessment environmental impact assessment procedures are complete, the product process route is mature, and the upstream raw material supply is stable, providing a strong guarantee for long-term cooperation with customers.


Our services

In terms of quality: High purity, good stability, content in line with national standards,

Price: fair and affordable, new customers order can enjoy certain preferential activities, old customers order can get our feedback to you. The larger the purchase volume, the greater the discount.We have Excellent After-sale service. The packing of product also can be according the customers` requirement.


Above products supply, its single impurity are less than 0.1%.And have store, stable production varieties for the company.

Product specialist: Celia Zhang

Contact: +8618016320068


1) Q:How about your delivery time?

A:Generally,it will take 3-7days after receiving your advance payment.For specific delivery time, please consult our relevant personnel.

2) Q:Can you provide the purchase contract and product COA?

A:Yes,we can.

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