(S)-2-[(4-Chlorophenyl)(4-piperidinyloxy)methyl]pyridine CAS:201594-84-5

(S)-2-[(4-Chlorophenyl)(4-piperidinyloxy)methyl]pyridine CAS:201594-84-5

This product our company long - term stable supply, high purity.The product is an intermediate of Bepotastine Besilate.
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Product Details

(S) -2-[(4-Chlorophenyl)(4-piperidinyloxy)methyl]pyridine

Product information

This product our company long - term stable supply, high purity.The product is an intermediate of Bepotastine Besilate.


Product parameter

The English name


CAS no.


Molecular formula


Molecular weight


Precise quality


Log P




Refractive index


Vapor pressure

2.56E-07mmHg at 25°C

Boiling point

421.7ºC at 760 mm Hg



Flash point


Company introduction

Our production base is located in ulanqab, Inner Mongolia, is mainly engaged in pharmaceutical intermediates, raw materials and part of the contract custom processing of high-tech manufacturing enterprises. At present, we have passed the supplier audit of many domestic pharmaceutical enterprises and world-class pharmaceutical enterprises.

The quality of the product

In the production of products, safety, environmental protection and quality are our important control points.We have complete facilities and strict control system to ensure the quality of products.Our production base has a variety of high quality products, to ensure cheap and quality, welcome to consult and buy.

Company corner Tail gas absorber


Our team

We have a quality service team, strict division of responsibility for each customer to do serious and responsible.

Payment to the delivery, purchase a large amount, price from superior, specific can be negotiated with specialized personnel.

We guarantee that the earliest shipping date will be arranged according to the customer's purchase demand.

Accept customer inspection and professional feedback.

Contact us

This product for the company's stable production products, are in stock.In addition, our company also supplies some other quality APIS and intermediates for a long time. For details, please visit our homepage. If in doubt, please feel free to inquire further.Contact information:

Product specialist: Celia Zhang

Contact: +8618016320068

WeChat no.:18016320068



1) Q:Where do you usually load the goods?

A: China main port

2) Q:Is there any discount for the price?

A: Our products are definitely superior in quality and reasonable in price.According to the specific amount of your purchase can be negotiated with manual customer service.

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