Factory profile

The production base is located in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia. The plant has 6 production workshops, covering an area of 1,000,000㎡. All facilities are according to GMP construct and running. At present, we have passed the supplier audit from many domestic pharmaceutical enterprises and world-class pharmaceutical enterprises.


In 2014, the company is registered,with a registered capital of USD 9 million and an area of 67,000 square meters. It is a high-tech manufacturing enterprise engaged in pharmaceutical intermediates, API and customized processing of some contracts.

2015-2017 is the construction stage of the factory.It has completed a synthesis workshop of 3500㎡, a warehouse of 5522 ㎡, a tank area of 210 tons of liquid raw materials, a sewage treatment station with a daily processing capacity of 240T, a scientific research office building of 2200 ㎡, and various supporting facilities.

2018 is the trial production stage. The trial production of multiple varieties, the establishment of quality, safety and environmental protection system.

In 2019, build API workshop.The construction of API clean workshop had completed by the end of August and put into operation by the end of October.

The factory has complete equipment and facilities, scientific and reasonable layout. Besides,it is strictly in accordance with environmental protection, safety, "three simultaneous" construction, is currently handling the acceptance of various.


The organization chart:


Customer and cooperation:

Customer satisfaction as the focus, comprehensive construction of customer needs to meet the enterprise.

In early December 2017, the company successively entered the trial operation stage, and completed the equipment operation, debugging and verification.

In 2017, the quality chief of the Indian customer Mylan visited the company and praised and satisfied the construction and equipment configuration of the factory.

In 2018, the company successively passed the audit of many domestic customers, including huahai pharmaceutical co., LTD., qilu pharmaceutical co., LTD., kelun pharmaceutical co., LTD.At the same time, it has passed the third-party audit appointed by sanofi, east China (us) and other companies.

In 2019, the company passed the third-party audit commissioned by platinumsource pharmaceutical, beno pharmaceutical and CHEMO and URQUIMA in Spain.

Production Equipment:

Reaction kettle(Enamel and Stainless steel), Autoclave,Distillation kettle,Hot air circulation oven;centrifuge; Double cone dryer etc.

Reaction kettle


Automatic water titratorGas chromatograph
Liquid chromatographOven, muffle stove
Automatic polarimeterUltraviolet spectrophotometer